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Weekly Reflection 10/30/15

This past week was a rough one, I was sick for the first half of the week from working in the bar over the weekend.  I picked up steam towards the end of the week, however, getting back on track with swimming and the dancing.  Turns out self-care is central to productivity.  Have a big deadline looming for Sunday with the TC application.
  1.  Clear/Gratitudes/Achievements
  2. Stand out moments at the ALC

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Updated and added new elements to my PMB (above).  Started writing blog posts about my swim sessions.  Wrote a communications email to parents regarding after hours, with plans to make this a regular activity.

Clear –

  • Failed at attending the Monday night facilitator call (I was sick).
  • I’m frustrated with my face always flaring up with a rash along the hairline when I’ve been sick.  Means I look sick longer than I feel sick.
  • Emotional and mental stability comes with self-care.
  • Need to do more organizing work for NLNL, can’t rely on friends if I’m not willing to follow up with reminders for them.  Slippery requests/expectations mean that both parties feel let down.
  • Stressing out about the TC application when I should be doing it.

Gratitude –

  • Angela! so great having someone else to work on a project with, really enjoyed her Halloween playlist. Posted it to Facebook as well to share with others.
  • Praise be to Ryan for emotional support after the ALC-NYC meeting on Wednesday night.
  • Thankful to be a part of a living loving learning community!

Achievement – Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 5.56.47 PM

  • Love that I’ve put more time into my blog this week, set up mobile posting has meant more of everything
  • NLNL Halloween edition!
  • New strategy to keep me in going back to the pool – post my sessions to the blog.  Accountability.  A clear record of when I did and didn’t go.  Also helps with improving my performance in the pool if I can decide on the session in advance and then compare my results to my goal.
  • Communication with parents! Sent a first weekly email.
  • Wrote blog post on my roles in the ALC community
  • Ran the AHC all week and had a lot of fun dancing with Jiana and Sterling.

Stand out moments from the ALC


Wednesday night we got together as a community and discussed the vision and next steps for growing the ALC-nyc school.  Geva, Mercer, Art, Tomis, Sara joined Abby, Ryan and myself at the Church space.  I set up the projector and ran it from my computer while Ryan took notes.  One issue for the vision was whether we would aim for many small campuses or a big single school, or if we could do both:

“Ideal situation would be to grow ALC-NYC into the flagship ALC before trying to open many small campuses throughout the city/boroughs; more cross-pollination of activities, lower operating costs (ex. one awesome art room vs 6 smaller, under-resourced art rooms)”

There was also discussion about finding/paying a third facilitator.  At what point would this happen, how soon, how many students can we add right now, before then? The whole discussion session only lasted an hour and a bit as there was a PIN scheduled directly afterwards.

Chatting with Tomis

Tomis was at the school for a few days and I was able to start a brief conversation with him about Murray Bookchin’s ideas of Libertarian Municipalism as it relates to ALCs.  I love getting to talk with Tomis about stuff like this because even though he hadn’t heard of this stuff, he was able to engage with these big picture ideas instantly.  Also flagged an awareness for me that I hadn’t had these discussions with him yet and that there is some fertile ground for much more.

Library Reading with Alex Khost

After Alex Khost finished his woodworking offering (they made a stool!) we went to the library together and used it as a co-working space.  It was great having someone there with me as it supported me in my readings even though I was sort of too tired to concentrate – I soldiered on with the solidarity!

…and this infinite loop!


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