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Weekly Reflection 11/6/15

This has been an incredible week for me.  Having completed the College Application, I've been able to focus of ways to extend into new roles with the ALC network.  Thursday night I attended a film screening in the role of representing ALCs in an academic setting.  I met with an inspiring educator who is working with an indigenous community in Washington.  I also found that I've been recording and documenting activities mo
re readily and adding value in other ways at the ALC. Starting next week I will also be Agile Unschooling myself with @liam and his group.

  1. Clear/Gratitudes/Achievements
  2. Stand out moments at the ALC

The scary sound stylings of ALC noise making.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 3.57.13 PM

The PMB has been updated to reflect my progress this week.  Looking forward to further iterations and collaboration with the Agile Unschoolers.

Clear –

  • Was able to get to the pool a couple of times, but still not as often as I’d like.  Sleep is sooooo good.
  • It seems I’ve dropped off of some people’s radars, which makes me a little sad. (Non-ALC related).

Gratitudes –

  • hannah @pigsfly who was an amazing collaborator in flip-book making this week.  Her enthusiasm has inspired me to make more improvised creative offerings.
  • Angela Dawn for continuing to co-hold the NLNL dance event with me.  Community starts with two people.
  • Kathleen Ruen for having me speak at her event at Sarah Lawrence College.  It was a joy.
  • Time that I spent with Alex and Amanda during and after the screening of Amanda’s film.  You are some of my favorite people.

Achievements –

  • Successfully trolled (most of) the school by showing a music video that ends with inverted-hands-googles-face.  On the floor, fools! Touch that shoulder to the floor! mwahahahaha.
  • Introduced students to Panyu Panyu and ‘TOAST GIRL!’ music videos
  • Made flipbooks with Hannah
  • Represented the ALC at Sarah Lawrence College after a screening of ‘Approaching The Elephant
  • Posted comments and feedback on other students blogs.  Generally having a greater online presence.
  • COMPLETED my college application for the Masters at Teachers College.

Stand out moments of the Week:

Making Flip-books was a really fun project.  When I was younger my dad would lead workshops in animation and this was a real throw-back to joining him in those activities.  See also the animation at the bottom of this post.  Love you dad.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.26.02 PM

Music making with visiting week kids on Tuesday was a lot of fun.  Saylor and her sister Zoe were exploring the noise making possibilities of guitars.  Didn’t worry about the

Meeting Barom who is working to set up a School ‘on the rez’ in Washington State.

NLNL – this was possibly the best playlist I’ve ever made.  The event itself was relatively poorly attended, but I had the time of my life!

Trolling the whole school with ‘the game’ – Yes, I Pon Pon pwned you guys! Suckering everyone into the eye candy that is the PONPONPON music video it was a moment of glory when everyone had to submit to being pwned and touch their shoulders to the floor.  Game-master.

The exceptional amount of Gratitude flowing back my way in the Friday reflective meeting.  If I hadn’t needed to take Sterling out of the meeting, and then speak with a Walk-In parent, I would have had so much gratitude flowing back to you all!

Kids React to PON-PON!


An example of the abstract animation art that my dad was making when I was 4 years old.


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