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Risk: Legacy – The War Begins (Ep.1)


This is both a group blogging response and the first post about Risk: Legacy. So we played an amazing game of Risk on Tuesday night.  @ryanshollenberger risked his legacy by walking out of the game after the 'formalities' were out of the way...

Q: How do you Risk (your) legacy?



not shared blogging but involved in the game:


Geva Patz


General Geva Patz made a grand entrance.

The game itself took a lot of preliminary setting up for the first game.  Being the first game we also needed to decide on factions and to read the rules as a group.  Sterling was supposed to join us for the game, but in the end wasn’t able to keep his commitment.  Ryan, as I mentioned, discovered he was double booked.  Separating the wheat from the chaff.

From memory: Askani set herself up in Eastern Australia, Geva chose Iceland, Douglas was Egypt, Javair was Mongolia and I chose Brazil.  Different set-up rules than traditional Risk.  In this game, ALL of your troops occupy your base for the first turn.  Winning conditions are also very different.  As the goal was to be the first person with 4 Red Stars.  Interestingly, we all started with a Red Star being the first game, and BASES also count as Red Stars.  So we each started with TWO red stars.

Stars and Missiles? This ain’t your regular RISK game.

And that is how the game was won and lost.  After some fierce fighting between my armies and Geva’s ‘perfect humans’ as well as Javair’s aborted attempt at weakening Douglas stronghold, the game was open for a cake-walk for Douglas’ armies to march in and take the poorly defended Bases.  He actually needed a little bit of prodding to make this attempt and we had to remind him that he could always retreat IF it failed, but that leaving units behind now would guarantee a failure.

My legacy: It came down to the poorly orchestrated attempts on my part to make deals with the great General G. Patz.  Diplomacy started after far too much bloodshed had already taken place.  There was a good long pause on both sides as we considered the repercussions of our battles, in the end it proved an impossible diplomatic mission on both sides and no truce was brokered.  War continued.  I succeeded in staving off a potential routing from Herr General Patz but left myself poorly prepared for Douglas.

The legacy title goes to Askani who had superior troops but decided on a course of diplomacy which both ended the game by leaving the door open for Douglas AND set her faction up for a winning position in the next game.  Her price was the use of Douglas’ Missile in the next game.  She will also have two stars at the start of the game.

We set the next game for Friday 20th of November at 6pm.  What will the future hold?

Here’s a full version of that offspring song, aka General Patz’ theme, for your listening pleasure…


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