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Risk Legacy: Ep.2 A N00B Hope

The battle is about to take shape.  The forces are gathering.  Askani has OP powers as a legal passover from the previous game, giving her Douglas' Missile and keeping her Red Star.  She has the strategic mind of Ryan joining her for the first time.  Can the n00b generals make good on their advantage or will they fall short of the n00b hope?

Geva faked us all out again.  He said it was a rental suit.  He said it was a one off.  He fooled us all… and that was only the beginning of … Episode 2: A n00b Hope.

The turn order was: Javair, Geva, Douglas, Abram, Ryan/Askani.  Seats were chosen by taste and order was determined by highest die roll (4 by Javair) then clockwise.  Having placed Scar cards as well as Major and Minor cities in the previous game, some new rules came into effect.  First: nobody can choose as their starting location a site with a scar card or a minor city.  A Major city may only be occupied by the player who placed it.  Finally: moving into an unoccupied minor city means losing a single troop unit (they die fighting the guerrilas in the city).

The Spread:


Javair elected for a southern Europe stronghold.  Preparing for a different tact from last games “shirt-fronting from Asia” strategy.  Geva took my lovely Brazil, knowing that an attack from North America would now be only for the foolhardy.  Douglas took advantage of his Major city in Greenland, which only he can occupy on the first turn.  I decided that I was planning on a five to six turn game-plan that involved holding in Australia for a few turns first.  Ryan and Askani needed a bit of hand-holding but settled on northern Asia with a view to Europe.

After what seemed to be a pretty even handed set-up phase for everyone else turned into a vicious attack on Australia from Asia.  I had moved troops to occupy the continent and then moved a single unit into southeast Asia, to my peril.  Ryan, being a huge n00b, figured they could make a go of attacking me.  Lucky for me, they failed at breaching into my base, but it was close.  This meant that next turn I would have to take back at least that one territory.  This was only the first round of the game, after all.

Ryan fails to rout Abe

The second turn, Javair cautiously occupied a new territory and fortified it with three units.  Easy.   Geva collected his troops, scratched his nose and ended his turn.  Douglas made a failed attempt at smashing Javair.  I took back Southeast Asia and then considered my options, electing to leave it there to see what Ryan/Askani would do in response.  A second attack on me would have been a pointless suicide.  So they decided on an equally disastrous move on Douglas’ base.  It left themselves and Douglas horribly weakened, though Ryan/Askani could come out on top if they could hold their position (their faction receives extra units for each base they control).  Also, the strategy wasn’t a total wash for them because it meant that they held two victory cards worth 2 coins each.  They stood to receive ten troops on their next turn so long as they had even a single unit on the board or could find an unoccupied country to ‘rejoin the war’ from.  Even having to start from scratch with 11 units isn’t a horrible position, really.

Javair assaults Greenland

Round 3 begins.  Javair considers how much fun it will be to kill Douglas’ last unit.  He does it.  He decides to make a move north to capture Douglas’ base as well.  He takes it! and holds it.  Sort of.  We take a collective groan as we look at the board and realize… it’s Geva’s turn…

Game seems over too soon

[General Geva delivers a speech to his troops… (pre-speech audio only)]

Yep.  That’s right.  Geva collected his armies and laughed at how mercilessly history was repeating itself, this time in his favor.  Sit and wait.  Collect your check.  Move in for the kill when the chips are down for everyone else.

End of Javair's second turn

The final push…

So there you have it: Geva routed both Javair and Douglas’ armies in the top of the third round.  A quick game is a good game.  I ‘held on’ which means I get to add a minor city to the board.  After seeing Geva found a Major city in Brazil (“Geva Leads”) I suggested to Ryan that we stymie his future games there by surrounding it with minor cities.  Which we did.  (Venezuala has ‘Chau-Vez’) But best of all… Geva winning while Douglas and Javair were totally annihilated means that neither Javair nor Douglas get to add anything to the board this game.  Or does it??

We decided to let the ‘losers’ open the new upgrade cards to see what was contained therein…

Wait… what? So Javair and Douglas, because they were eliminated, were given some pretty OP upgrades for the next game.  What does that leave for myself, Askani and Ryan, who only got two turns in the whole game?

But what does this mean for MEEEE? In the infamous words of Willy Wonka:


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