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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 4 A Fork-In The Road


This was going to be the most exciting new episode of the series.  The day I built my first Enchantment Table and opened up the possibility of so much more (namely, enchanted weapons).  Instead it turned out to be a frustrating face-palming moment.  A fork in the road... or how I learned to stop crying and love creating.



It all started out so considered and goal oriented…I used the trello board to capture my intentions.  Filled the backlog…started to pull the cards through the workflow.  First on the list was to research HOW to make an enchantment table.  Turns out I needed to make books, which thanks to my ample supply of Cow Leather was going to be no problem.  Had a handful of diamonds available too, so it was time to get started on that.

Book Recipe Enchantment Table Recipe

Obsidian can only be mined with diamond pick axes, so I need to use 3 of my 6 diamonds on making the pickaxe.  I made a diamond pick axe and set about collecting the obsidian.  Trucking along just fine…

With a handful of obsidian, I headed back to the surface and grabbed my diamonds.

Made enchantment table


The moment of truth, I decided I’d go take the enchantment table down into the underground base to place it:

Oops - broke ench. table

Here’s the hardest part about describing this picture.  It is actually the after picture, not the before picture.  

Did that sink in? Ok.  Let me spell it out for you.  Look at my inventory.  What do we see in the first item slot? That’s right! Its an enchanted sword.  Pretty awesome, huh? That’s what I was thinking too.  I was thinking, I am so awesome.  Because I’ve just enchanted a sword for the first time.  Now what do you see in the second item slot? Nothing.  That’s where the enchantment table was BEFORE I made the sword.  That’s where I wanted the enchantment table to go AFTER I’d made the sword too.

I noticed that I could break the table by hitting it with my hand.  Cool, I’ll break it and that will send it back into my inventory right? wrong. I destroyed my one and only enchantment table.  Let me just add for emphasis that I sat there staring at this exact screen shot (in real time) for a good long while.  Ever broken a tooth? It kind of felt like that – for moments after you’ve broken it you are mentally doing somersaults to some how convince yourself what you know is true.  It is broken and there is no unbreaking it.  I may even have cried a little.

Life goes on, though, right?

Epilogue… to the solo missioning…

This is what you get for experimenting with things on your own without the guidance of my more experienced peers. Such a Homer Simpson moment.

I learned that I wanted to play on this world almost exclusively with others.

So, without the needed materials to make a new enchantment table (I needed one more diamond, plus I think I’d used up my diamond pick axe like a newb) I decided to take a different path.  I decided to just focus on doing some creative stuff.  I started building houses for the villagers and then came up with the idea of building a Great Wall of China (inspired by the fact that I was then sitting in China on my laptop) around Cow Castle area.

Happily this led to me discovering more resources (diamonds!) that allowed me to build an enchantment table in the Cow Castle.  I built a glorious temple to the table BEFORE I placed it this time.  With a number of extra hours tooling around I built myself some enchanted tools.  Though I think I wasted my experience levels on repairing the items.  Foolish me.

The world was happier for my mistakes of course, just ask the villagers.  They’ve got some serious CHA action going and an army of Iron Golems (one for every ten villagers!).

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  1. Drew says:

    I love these newb mistakes! One of my favorites is gathering a whole bunch of materials then dropping all of them into the crafting table with the intention of making one item then shift clicking the crafted item to send it to my inventory (I’m too cool to just drag it) and watching as 30 items are created from the precious resources. (Shift clicking moves the max available items from the materials in the crafting table… oops!)

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