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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 6 The Greater Walling of C.C.

In this session we met and planned to get the wall built.  Having collected a significant amount of cobble in the previous session, the next question was did we need stone bricks? There were actually a bunch of next steps.  We used the tactic of checking in before the session, but the goals were pretty clear from the get go.  In a way this was ep.5.2 more than a new mission altogether.

There was concern about how to prevent MOBS from spawning inside the castle walls once we had built them.  Ryan explained that as long as the lighting for the block is 7 or above, that Mobs wouldn’t spawn.  He also shared with all of us a good strategy for checking.  Using the info screen overlay, the second last stat on the list is LIGHT.  It has two values after the bracket, one relating to how much light is coming from the sky and the other one BLOCK tells us how much light is on that exact block that the crosshairs are looking at.  So James and I ran around inside the walls and just dropped in some extra torches to prevent Mob spawning.

This screen shot shows the process in action on the walls themselves:Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.34.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.36.43 PM
Ryan’s tower was looking pretty spooky without any torches around it. Pretty dangerous too.

Creep Claws aka @pigcraft8 was a keen waller.  He built basic walls right around the entire ‘compound’ with a minimum height of 2 so that nothing could get in.  It was a great superstructure for us to build on later, thanks James!Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.36.50 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 2.41.34 PM
James handiwork in the light of day

I got busy building the walls the way that I’d intended, filling out the holes that I’d left, making sure that the stone reached all the way to the wooden walkway.  I also got busy placing doors on the ground floor of the walls so that people could get in without breaking things.  I discovered Ryan was busy extending the southern walls’ wooden walkway so that it led up to his dark lord keep.

As can be seen in this final screenshot, the walls on the western side were built as a minimum that extend north to the Great Northern Gate.  James and I also cleared out all of the trees inside the walls and around their edges near there.  I’d still like to have more area inside these castle walls, but as Ryan pointed out, this is a great way to incrementally expand out territory. It’s also a very Agile thing to work towards the minimal viable product (MVP).

 Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.03.22 PM

Session Reflection:

This session was a little rushed.  The pre-crafting meet-up was rushed because I had come into the ALC half way into the day.  The meeting was not as crucial as the previous session’s though because we all were pretty clear on what we needed to do, so I’m releasing that.  I enjoyed playing with Ryan and James again.  James was such an amazing collaborator on the wall building.  He kept asking me about what I wanted to achieve with it and updating me on what he planned to work on next.  I feel a great sense of pride in that we achieved a pretty much complete wall to surround the castle.

I think that in the future we should plan out two sessions in advance.  A first session for resource gathering with a project in mind and the second session with the plan of building.  This gives us all of the time between the resource gathering to get clear on the build concept.

I think that for the next design, gather and build phase, I want us to extend the village into the cow castle.  I’m wondering if that means that I need to demolish some of the buildings (just the doors) so that the village ‘center’ is moved towards the castle.  I’ll need to consult the brains trust on that one next session.

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