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Weekly Reflection 2/6/16

What's in a week? multitudes.  Going to a dance show. Holding a tenants meeting.  A talk in Chinese by trans choreographer Jin Xing, whom I adore but can't understand. My Oma passing away.  Guitar playing keeps me feeling present to my emotions, but focused.  Plenty of progress in my studies.  New friendships blossoming. Gratitudes and Achievements and deep personal fortitude.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 7.45.10 PMProgress:

  • P1-P2 I’ve continued to use juggling as a way to focus my energy, though less than in the previous week.  I’m doing this blogging on Saturdays, and am clearing all the photos from my iphone.  An awareness this brings me (just now) is that i tend to multi-task these activities, like updating the PMB and Next Up boards, because I don’t check in with them as much when I’m busy. 
  • Imp-P1 tho I’ve not yet made a new blog post, req. a featured image, moving this.  Wednesday was my only day at the ALC and I think I made good use of my time.  Need to send offerings to Abby/Ryan on Sunday at the latest.*changed*


  • Imp – Read for one hour before checking email or Facebook.  Came out of an awareness of needing to prioritize readings above my other day to day stuff.
  • Imp – Recorded most of the second week of Lambros Comitas’ class and realized this was a practice I should continue.  I post the audio to Soundcloud, where I can make comments on the audio directly/visually then, after listening to the audio and adding notes, I write a blog post with the soundcloud embedded.  I have set up a page to write posts to on the blog.
  • breaking down the PMB update in this format, which i think will make review much clearer.


  • after clearing all of the things from last week from the board I realized this was a housekeeping practice I should track.
  • Removing ‘Read one education book a week’ because I feel like I am doing more than this already by default with the course readings.  This may reappear on the board over summer.


Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.13.11 PM

Clearing –

  • my oma passed away this week.  She was 95 years old.
  • i’m not going to be able to attend the funeral, in Australia next Friday.
  • i’m worried about the fact that my stuff in Australia is not being looked after
  • I’m worried about my fathers general hoarding tendencies
  • I felt a little out of my depth with the Logic meet-up, but still had fun.  Obviously I need to join it.
  • I felt awkward trying to introduce myself to Jack and Dakot-ta on Friday.  I missed the first half of their evening.
  • haven’t done much for the TCPublicSpace


  • to my brother Kees for encouraging me to visit Melbourne over the Summer.
  • that i got to see my Oma properly one last time.
  • to Vic is extremely supportive of me always
  • that the ALC is a place where I can be myself with my young friends
  • thank you to Askani and Sterling especially for exploring music with me
  • to Jeff Sterling for connecting me with Jack Gray!


  • Getting that book for Alex Khost!
  • Holding the Tenants meeting
  • Positive feedback from John Fantuzzo was welcome news!
  • Another week of great classes
  • Recorded Lambros’ class and wrote a blog post about it
  • Set up Chinese Tutoring sessions and had my first meet-up
  • Went to a movie with Jaz and had a great time with him
  • Had my blood tested for allergies and got a referral to a dermatologist (Finally!)
  • Joined the Logic reading group
  • Made it to Jack Gray talk and met him
  • Met up on Google Hangouts twice with Kees in one week!
  • Agreed to let go of many of my personal possessions (thanks to Kees)

Stand out moments of the week

That winning feeling when I realized I should record Lambros Comitas’ class because so many references were new to me that I knew I would miss key things.  Getting permission to publish this online and then navigating the minor difficulties of resetting my Soundcloud account to make this possible.  Attending the Jin Xing talk and not understanding a word of it.  Haha.   Having coffee with Abby at Joe’s cafe opposite TC and realizing that I can help to bridge these two worlds even more, as well as just the joy of sharing coffee with my friend.  Discovering that there is a Workshop on Philosophy with Children in my department next week and that I can bring Abby to it!

Here’s a few photos…

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