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ALC NYC – Wednesday 3/23/16

This week I was recovering from my trip to PES/Toronto, so I did not make any offerings for the day (Offerings must be made on Sundays, when I was on a bus and pre-occupied).  There was still magic throughout the time that I spent with the kids, possibly because I was more available to the day that was unfolding.

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ALC NYC – Wednesday 3/9/16

This week I offered Juggling for the first time.  I also offered to hold a COI around responses to cleaning up - 'Philosophy of Clean Up Time'.  The Juggling was various degrees of successful, whereas (as I sort of expected) there was no real interest from the kids in talking about cleaning up, haha.  Ryan was curious and Abby is interested in reading Marie Condo's book (when I'm done with it).  The Juggling turned out to be a great experience for me as it relates to facilitating learning in an ALC.

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Weekly Reflection 3/5/16

Had a minor freak out moment when I realized I wasn't clear on how much work I had to do for College.  Drowning in things that I want to read, not knowing where to draw the line.  Is passionate interest the best guide? How do I balance that with obligations and commitments? It's a happy place when the two are the same. Read more

Weekly Reflection 1/30/16

An incredibly busy week, we had the Peter Gray at Spotify event, which was a huge success, I interviewed Tomis and Peter at MNN and generally achieved many firsts regarding ALC media projects, such as a Livestream.  This on top of having explored all of my TC course options and mostly having settled on the three that I will study.  Also joined the TCPS team and set up a SLACK communication team to help support that project. BUSY!  

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