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Raising a Glass of Rousseau: On Educating the Diligent Reader

This essay was written on the classic text by Jean Jacques Rousseau – “Emile or On Education”. This seems to be the origin of a lot of the arguments for self-directed learning and also the source of their confusion. Rousseau posits a concept called well regulated freedom, which is actually a highly controlled kind of freedom.  He makes references to the difficulty of the distinction when he refers to a confusion between ‘license and liberty’ (p.80).  In believe that in his view, liberty will lead to happy children, whereas license will lead to spoiling.

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Under the Grip of A Calliclean Education

This essay is concerned with two texts by Plato: Gorgias and The Apology.  It was written as my first paper for the Philosophy and Education class with John Fantuzzo.  Through some strange coincidence or seredipity, I chose to put the wrestling image with the text, which also shaped the title.  Later I discovered that Fantuzzo was a former wrestler himself.  He appreciated the analogy and allusions. Read more