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ALC NYC – Wednesday 3/23/16

This week I was recovering from my trip to PES/Toronto, so I did not make any offerings for the day (Offerings must be made on Sundays, when I was on a bus and pre-occupied).  There was still magic throughout the time that I spent with the kids, possibly because I was more available to the day that was unfolding.

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Weekly Reflection 2/13/16


This week has been HUGE and not at all in the Bernie/Trump way.  Just been super busy with all of my extra-curricular activities, like TCPS, Logic Meet-up, Showing people ALC, Attending at Philosophy 4 Children workshop, documenting and sharing my Anthropology class audio, next stepping with the Tenants Association for my building... trying to squeeze in all my school work still and tomorrow's Valentines day! oh no!... so let's be quick...

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November 1st Week


Douglas, James, Alfie in the zone


Morning Meeting with Ryans Spawn


You need to schedule that computer time, sister


Zoe on the drums

Serena clutches various travel guides with big ambitions


Saylor dressed as Yoda, she was


Impossible Selfie at Sarah Lawrence College.


David, Sarah, Efrain focused in the quiet room


The moment Saylor was invited by the other students to join tge community full time