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Weekly Reflection 3/5/16

Had a minor freak out moment when I realized I wasn't clear on how much work I had to do for College.  Drowning in things that I want to read, not knowing where to draw the line.  Is passionate interest the best guide? How do I balance that with obligations and commitments? It's a happy place when the two are the same. Read more

Weekly Reflection 11/13/15

Group blogging with @douglasawesome is always awesome.  We just sat down to do this together, he was interested in my blog so i showed him thru a bunch of stuff before looking at how i structure my weekly post.  Last year we did responses to group questions.  So this week I am doing one of those.  [edit: see link to RISK post]
  1. Clear/Gratitude/Achievements
  2. Stand out moments of the week
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.49.23 PM
Personal Mastery Board: new implementation – tracking AHC attendance

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Weekly Reflection 11/6/15

This has been an incredible week for me.  Having completed the College Application, I've been able to focus of ways to extend into new roles with the ALC network.  Thursday night I attended a film screening in the role of representing ALCs in an academic setting.  I met with an inspiring educator who is working with an indigenous community in Washington.  I also found that I've been recording and documenting activities mo
re readily and adding value in other ways at the ALC. Starting next week I will also be Agile Unschooling myself with @liam and his group.

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This is Who I Am & What I Love

After seeing @abbyo’s great post (yes, one of many) in which she laid out all of her roles, duties, responsibilities, passions, I realized that this was something that I needed to follow up with for myself.  Despite the fact that we are growing the lexicon to reflect greater distinction between our roles, there’s only so much that a title – like Agile Learning Facilitator – can tell us about what we actually do.  I found myself in recent weeks asking myself this very question: what has becoming an ALF meant to me?

Looking back at my time and involvement thus far with the ALC project I found my old bio from before ALF Summer 2014 (the first one!) and that has made something very clear to me: I have come a long way (literally and figuratively), and I am in deep with this project/ALF/ALC/Community/Life.

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