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Culture and Society in the Caribbean: Week 8

My note taking style has developed.  Now I am taking notes during the lecture for use when listening to the audio tapes.  It can help me edit the sections, label them and as a listener watch out for certain topics.  I hope the reader/listener appreciates this adaptation.  Further, I’ve isolated a section ‘below the line’ on each page where I write my own thoughts as they are developing in response to the lecture.  These are for my future use in essays or developing the ideas further.

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Culture and Society in the Caribbean: Week 7

After an introduction to the video which Comitas gives in the audio (above), we watched this footage of Michael Manley, then recently ex-Prime Minister of Jamaica (he won re-election a few years later).  Manley speaks eloquently about the problems facing his country and the larger impact they have on the world.

Michael Manley address at Hunters College