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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 5 Friendship is the ultimate Craft

After more than a month away from the Shed Men world, it was time to return to it with some fellow travelers.  The key lesson from my last post was that I was much more mindful when I was playing with others.  This session I decided that we should state intentions and record them together and check in with more collaborative crafting.  James, Ryan, Eli, Drew and myself all joined the world together.

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Everett ALC – Day 9

Today we had an incredible lesson-talk from sweetwater on the history of colonization, which we followed with a screening of the film ‘schooling the world’.

These events alone made the day one of the best so far, but I also got a lot of other things done too.  We did a 7 minute workout together after morning intentions; made popcorn (cleaned it up too); turned my computer laptop into a physical kanban; moved all of the board games from the family room into the games room; recorded some cool stop-motion footage of Sweetwater’s class; learned the absolute basics of Minecraft with the guidance of Stephen Sterling; had Philo-spa-phy talks with Tommy; learned about Net Neutrality (i THOUGHT i knew).

To delve into all of that and hopefully more, I am writing my blog response to the following question and list.

  1. What Inspired you today?
  2. 5 things you’d like to do more of.

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Everett ALC – Day 8

It’s the end of another fruitful day at the ALCE.  Today we introduced a new idea that we are hoping will create greater value with our blogging time: targeted questions.

This came out of seeing that, despite holding a space for blogging each day, the posts that were coming out of this were lacking the depth that was so clear in our discussions and reflections.  If these are reflective blog posts, why don’t we offer greater support?

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ALC Everett – Day 3

I want to stream line my blogging time by avoiding getting too caught up in narrative.  So I decided to make a list of questions to respond to for this.  I’m guessing I will evolve these questions.  Today they will be as follows:

  1. Something I really enjoyed doing.
  2. A learning moment.
  3. Something I’d like to do better.
  4. Overall feeling about the day.
  5. What I look forward to about tomorrow.

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Everett ALC – Day 1S

Today I had my first day in Everett and my first experiences working with the ALC Everett crew.  Drew and I had some deep conversations last night over dinner about what I can make of my time here this month, the primary intention being for us to jam on some of the teaching/facilitating practices here.

There are some key differences between how this school works to others in the network.  That’s part of the beauty of the Agile Learning Network, each ALC responds to the needs of the people that it serves.  [Some examples of differences: The classes here begin at 10am and finish at 5pm, class happens Tu-Fri, the school is also the home for most of the students.  Also blogging is done daily.]

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