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ALC NYC – Wednesday 3/9/16

This week I offered Juggling for the first time.  I also offered to hold a COI around responses to cleaning up - 'Philosophy of Clean Up Time'.  The Juggling was various degrees of successful, whereas (as I sort of expected) there was no real interest from the kids in talking about cleaning up, haha.  Ryan was curious and Abby is interested in reading Marie Condo's book (when I'm done with it).  The Juggling turned out to be a great experience for me as it relates to facilitating learning in an ALC.

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November 1st Week


Douglas, James, Alfie in the zone


Morning Meeting with Ryans Spawn


You need to schedule that computer time, sister


Zoe on the drums

Serena clutches various travel guides with big ambitions


Saylor dressed as Yoda, she was


Impossible Selfie at Sarah Lawrence College.


David, Sarah, Efrain focused in the quiet room


The moment Saylor was invited by the other students to join tge community full time