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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 6 The Greater Walling of C.C.

In this session we met and planned to get the wall built.  Having collected a significant amount of cobble in the previous session, the next question was did we need stone bricks? There were actually a bunch of next steps.  We used the tactic of checking in before the session, but the goals were pretty clear from the get go.  In a way this was ep.5.2 more than a new mission altogether.

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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 5 Friendship is the ultimate Craft

After more than a month away from the Shed Men world, it was time to return to it with some fellow travelers.  The key lesson from my last post was that I was much more mindful when I was playing with others.  This session I decided that we should state intentions and record them together and check in with more collaborative crafting.  James, Ryan, Eli, Drew and myself all joined the world together.

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November 1st Week


Douglas, James, Alfie in the zone


Morning Meeting with Ryans Spawn


You need to schedule that computer time, sister


Zoe on the drums

Serena clutches various travel guides with big ambitions


Saylor dressed as Yoda, she was


Impossible Selfie at Sarah Lawrence College.


David, Sarah, Efrain focused in the quiet room


The moment Saylor was invited by the other students to join tge community full time