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Culture and Society in the Caribbean: Week 6

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Weekly Reflection 2/20/16

This week I've found myself using Trello less and less as I go through my days.  This is more on account of being overburdened with activity than with not needing or wanting to.  The fact that I am posting this two days late is testament to my 'busy-ness'.  Thankfully, there was still time for a beer with Comitas.

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Culture and Society in the Caribbean: An Overview of Anthropology

After class on Tuesday 16th of February, I asked Professor Comitas to help me clarify the history and overview of the field of Anthropology.  I’m becoming more interested in the idea of learning Ethnographic methodology but am not clear on how this work fits into the history.  After the first couple of classes I pursued an interest in M.G. Smith and read the first third of The Study of Social Structure, but this only served to make me more curious about how others see Smith.

I was hoping for a reading suggestion or recommendation of sorts but instead was asked to take a seat while he gave me an answer. Read more

Culture and Society in the Caribbean: Week 4

Another fascinating class with Lambros Comitas.  When we arrived he was telling us about how his offices had flooded the previous day.  Most of the damage had been cleaned up already, but it had brought to his attention a large collection of documents from M.G. Smith that he hadn’t thought of for around 30 years. Read more