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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 6 The Greater Walling of C.C.

In this session we met and planned to get the wall built.  Having collected a significant amount of cobble in the previous session, the next question was did we need stone bricks? There were actually a bunch of next steps.  We used the tactic of checking in before the session, but the goals were pretty clear from the get go.  In a way this was ep.5.2 more than a new mission altogether.

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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 5 Friendship is the ultimate Craft

After more than a month away from the Shed Men world, it was time to return to it with some fellow travelers.  The key lesson from my last post was that I was much more mindful when I was playing with others.  This session I decided that we should state intentions and record them together and check in with more collaborative crafting.  James, Ryan, Eli, Drew and myself all joined the world together.

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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep.3 A Pound of Flesh

This session @ryanshollenberger and @pigcraft8 (james khost) joined me.  We had a pow-wow about what to do before hand and gave Ryan an overview of the lay-of-the-land.  These guys answered my questions ('research') and we set off with a primary goal of trading with the Villagers.


So, I had a couple of research questions to answer before we played.  What are Emeralds good for? Apparently they are a bartering currency.  Which is interesting because the villagers want to trade me like 30 rotten flesh in exchange for 1 emerald.  [More on that later].  Second research question was about name tags.  I’ve seen the kids playing in Creative mode naming everything in sight.  They have hilarious names for villagers and their pet dogs.  Turns out you can’t make name tags in survival mode.  So finding them is a big deal (Drew and I found some in the abandoned mine last session).  What makes them even more rare is that you can’t rename things once they’ve been named.  One shot.  Mama’s spaghetti. @liam that one’s for you.


So here are the goals for the session:

  • Collect enough rotten flesh to trade with a villager
  • Trade with a Villager
  • Recover the loot from the mine.

Now actually I knew that we had enough zombie flesh stored up from our looting the mines the first time.  I was also reminded that there were a bunch of mine carts left behind in the mine.  So first step was going there and collecting all that left-over loot.  I spawned in the Summer Lodges that Drew and I made near the entrance, but with n00b players joining the world, and since they were here to help, I had to direct them through the world towards the mine.  This became a whole task in itself.  They died a couple times, but thanks to the highways and byways that we made previously, they didn’t get lost.  Incidentally, two things I learned from this:

  1. Drew’s camp was LITERALLY on the other side of a mountain from the Cow Castle. (d’oh!)
  2. You can easily share your location (without a map) by using the F3 function to see the block you are occupying.  Thanks @ryanshollenberger
Recovering the loot
Okey Dokey. Now, where is the safety camp in this mine shaft again?

I headed into the mineshaft and starting clearing out the cobwebs (literally).  Nearly got killed by zombies that must have respawned in the dark corners (more torches!!).  Then when I found the chests in the safety camp… basically nothing.  Well, there was the minecarts and the zombie flesh.  Ryan taught me that I can eat the rotten flesh as long as I don’t move afterwards.  It has a ‘hunger’ disability that has a timer of about 30 seconds.  This really saved me.  Would have sucked to have died right then, because I would have lost sooooo much good stuff that I was carrying.

James finally joined me at the entrance to the mine and we took a ride in some minecarts, using a powered cart (coal powered) to move us forward faster than normal.  It was a thrill, my first rollercoaster ride in minecraft! sweet.

Unloaded all of my loot into the cases in Cow Castle and then set about upgrading the place.  Started with feeding the cows.

Grow the Cattle Ranch at Cow Castle

At time of writing I’ve massively expanded the Cow pen and fed-bred the cattle to a sizable number.  Not quite my goal of 50 yet though.  Hey, this is COW CASTLE.  Needs lots of cows.

The grand Majestic Cow of Cow Castle

Built a tribute Cow-Diety, it’s pretty basic, i’m open to designing a more OP version at some point.  This was on the immediate to-do list though for the castle.  Also achieved (not pictured): a chicken run, a sheep pen; carrot, wheat, potato farms.

Once Ryan found his way to the Cow-Castle, he started work on his own Castle-Keep.  @ryanshollenberger I hereby dub thee – Duke of Cow-Castle.  These are your lands, your duchy, to honor and to protect.

Here’s a screenshot of the Trello board for the Cow-Castle as it stands…

Castle Upgrades

Next up: build an archery tower or two. Continue expansion of cow herd to 50 head. Upgrade the throne room and other rooms inside the main castle.  A meeting hall! A huge central tower.

So for the main goals of the session I headed off in search of the village and discovered something surprising: the village was just over a ridge from the castle! That makes my next dream a very real possibility – to expand and grow the village to a size that will be encompassed by the Castle and Surrounds.  Should build a MAJOR wall around the territories, reminiscent of the Great Wall. Connected Keeps.

But…Finally… the trade.  In rotten human flesh!

Trade with Villagers

I went to the first villager I could find and immediately traded with him for an emerald.  Foolishly I shopped around AFTER I HAD ALREADY MADE THE TRADE.  Double D’oh! What is a pound of flesh worth these days, I mean really.

Ok. So something cool happened after I made the trade.  The Cleric Villager got all excited and then when I went to trade with him again, he was offering NEW TRADES.  That sounds great except for the fact that what he was offering in exchange for an emerald was pretty…U.P. Was only going to give me 1 redstone for an emerald.  LOL. meh. blah. next.

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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 2 The Road to Nowhere

Such big plans for this session.  Turns out we played for 45minutes longer than intended (total play time 1hr 45min) AND we only half achieved one of these goals.  So many little achievements and failures along the way.

Got killed numerous times as we tried to build our path at night and kept getting swarmed.  Then had to go through the basic steps to get pick axes etc just to keep going with the goal.

Let’s have a look at the goals that we set for the session…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.36.37 AM
Goals for todays session: Build a Castle, Make an Iron Golem, Build a path from cow-castle to spawn point.

Ok. So James and @drew joined the gameplay from the start, James and I spawned at the Cow-Castle.  It was Drew’s first time on, so he started out at the original Spawn Point Castle.  Unfortunately he didn’t have a map to come and find us.  Apparently ‘head south’ didn’t work out for us either.  He ended up discovering a whole bunch of cool new stuff, like a deep cavern and… COWS.  Closer to the original Spawn Point too.

We left Drew to his own devices, I think he built a log cabin and was generally mapping out a new area.  James and I got to work on building the Road to Nowherewhich was meant to be a road home.  We only achieved 2/3 of that plan this time, but at least now I’m in familiar territory.

Our starting castle
Working at night is hazardous! James has a neck in his arrow…eerrm
While building our road…Discovered a very dangerous pitfall.
Building a road Directly North. Becomes a tunnel.
James was the tunnel digger, I was placing cobblestone. Here he is posing for the camera
Built a tower by the south end of the Great Desert.

It was a bit frustrating that we kept dying.  There was a pretty big lesson in that: don’t work outside at night time unless you have someone dedicated to night watch. Next session I hop to bring the road home so we can get serious about the other tasks at hand… like building a serious Castle.

I’m learning something else as well: “Build a Castle” is probably too loose a goal.  Maybe we should break that down into several other tasks.  Like: Build a Keep.  Build city walls around the Farms and existing .  Build a Eastern Tower.  Build a Western Tower of the Castle.  I really want the entire island to be mobs free.

Those are goals for another session.  Here’s where we are at the end of this session…

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 1.25.39 PM
End of session update: (1) BUILT A PATH from Cow-Castle to the South of Great Desert. (2) James looted the Desert Temple, showed me how.
Annotated Map
road to nowhere or a road to Now Here. same same

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Mindful Minecrafting: Ep. 1. Where’s the Beef?

In which a play Minecraft for the first time with a restrictive 1 hour time limit and seek to achieve pre-determined goals.  Happily I was able to succeed in my mission within the time-frame.  While playing I discovered plenty of potentially distracting things that could have turned this session into a much longer one without the goal.

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