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This is Who I Am & What I Love

After seeing @abbyo’s great post (yes, one of many) in which she laid out all of her roles, duties, responsibilities, passions, I realized that this was something that I needed to follow up with for myself.  Despite the fact that we are growing the lexicon to reflect greater distinction between our roles, there’s only so much that a title – like Agile Learning Facilitator – can tell us about what we actually do.  I found myself in recent weeks asking myself this very question: what has becoming an ALF meant to me?

Looking back at my time and involvement thus far with the ALC project I found my old bio from before ALF Summer 2014 (the first one!) and that has made something very clear to me: I have come a long way (literally and figuratively), and I am in deep with this project/ALF/ALC/Community/Life.

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Reflection on the Week 2/13/15

It's been an interesting week, and today is the last day before we take a weeklong break, so I'm feeling strangely incomplete.  This week's blogging group decided to veer away from traditional reflective style questions, which is an interesting way of looking at things.  I was a little distracted at the start of the week with the news from Australia about a potential change of PM (didn't happen sadly).  So the week has felt a bit like an anti-climax.

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Reflection on ALC Week 2/6/15

It's been an interesting week, with Cloudhouse visiting for a few days, and several other visitors, it was busy.  Rebecca from switzerland was with us all week and Hannah started with us this Monday/Wednesday.  I made some progress on the NLNL project and made a new friend in that community (Angela).  Reflecting on the week with Douglas, and now also Ryan, is starting to become a thing (second week of practicing).  Next week I will propose this 'challenge questions' for change-up (writing the post-it for awareness now), as an activity that is totally opt-in.

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Compliment – Me-me –

I've been reading Reality is Broken, a book that Eric Bear (@bear) lent me last time I visited Cloudhouse, and it has inspired me to try to make my own alternate reality game.  I guess that's what you would call 'The Compliment me-me'.  The intention of this game is to get more practice and experience in giving people compliments and expressing gratitudes.

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January ’15 in review

Today @douglasawesome and I decided to write responses to the same questions, a la Everett blogging questions.  So we went to @tommie 's site for ideas and found that they were too specific for us to use today (what's the manatee cup, guys?).  So, since we just came out of our japanese class with Yasushi-san, we decided that is a good start.  I've followed up my response to those questions with another one to reflect on the month of January.

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