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Weekly Reflection 5/7/16

This week has been all about the writing.  After getting over the hurdle of my first History paper, and treading water by preparing myself just enough for my classes (readings...).  I was so stressed out last week about the pending deadlines that I seem to have psycho-somatically hurt my back.  I'm sleeping on the floor to fix/straighten my back.  Long hours hunched over my tiny laptop have done their damage.  Rediscovered my love for writing once I could focus on writing the Philosophy assignment.  Now I'm worried that I'm writing two papers, not one (it's currently 1000 words over the limit).

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Weekly Reflection 2/20/16

This week I've found myself using Trello less and less as I go through my days.  This is more on account of being overburdened with activity than with not needing or wanting to.  The fact that I am posting this two days late is testament to my 'busy-ness'.  Thankfully, there was still time for a beer with Comitas.

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