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Weekly Reflection 2/20/16

This week I've found myself using Trello less and less as I go through my days.  This is more on account of being overburdened with activity than with not needing or wanting to.  The fact that I am posting this two days late is testament to my 'busy-ness'.  Thankfully, there was still time for a beer with Comitas.

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Weekly Reflection 11/6/15

This has been an incredible week for me.  Having completed the College Application, I've been able to focus of ways to extend into new roles with the ALC network.  Thursday night I attended a film screening in the role of representing ALCs in an academic setting.  I met with an inspiring educator who is working with an indigenous community in Washington.  I also found that I've been recording and documenting activities mo
re readily and adding value in other ways at the ALC. Starting next week I will also be Agile Unschooling myself with @liam and his group.

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Weekly Reflection 10/23/15

Went to an amazing conference on Educational Justice last Saturday. An interesting week of feeling low followed, was thrown off by the freezing cold weather on Sunday.  This week seemed to drag on after the past two short weeks and the productive ALF-weekend work.
  1.  Clear/Gratitudes/Achievements
  2. Memorable moments at the ALC

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Reflection on the Week 2/13/15

It's been an interesting week, and today is the last day before we take a weeklong break, so I'm feeling strangely incomplete.  This week's blogging group decided to veer away from traditional reflective style questions, which is an interesting way of looking at things.  I was a little distracted at the start of the week with the news from Australia about a potential change of PM (didn't happen sadly).  So the week has felt a bit like an anti-climax.

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Reflection on ALC Week 2/6/15

It's been an interesting week, with Cloudhouse visiting for a few days, and several other visitors, it was busy.  Rebecca from switzerland was with us all week and Hannah started with us this Monday/Wednesday.  I made some progress on the NLNL project and made a new friend in that community (Angela).  Reflecting on the week with Douglas, and now also Ryan, is starting to become a thing (second week of practicing).  Next week I will propose this 'challenge questions' for change-up (writing the post-it for awareness now), as an activity that is totally opt-in.

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January ’15 in review

Today @douglasawesome and I decided to write responses to the same questions, a la Everett blogging questions.  So we went to @tommie 's site for ideas and found that they were too specific for us to use today (what's the manatee cup, guys?).  So, since we just came out of our japanese class with Yasushi-san, we decided that is a good start.  I've followed up my response to those questions with another one to reflect on the month of January.

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