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Cedar Weaving Pouches – Step by Step

While staying in everett as a guest alf, i met sweetwater nannauck, also a guest of the sterlings.  sweetwater, a tlingit woman, made several offerings to the alc.  This blog post is A way of recording one of those offerings: the process of using traditional cedar weaving techniques to make a Cedar pouch for hanging around the neck.

Preparation time: 3+ hours depending on how many hands you have available.

Weaving time: 1hr+ depending on how dexterous you are.


  • Cedar bark, purchased from the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center art market.  This had been stripped months earlier and I understand had already been cleaned up a little (removing the roughest outer layer).
  • Jerry Stripper – purchased from a leather supply store.
  • Leather strips – to be used for the necklace.
  • Raffia – to be used to tie off the weaving.  (available grasses would traditionally be used).

Many thanks to Sweetwater Nannauck for sharing this knowledge with our community.

Time lapse videos of the process are available in older posts.  Here and Here.

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Geoguessr – Everett – 11-18-14

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.19.51 PM

Played my first game of Geoguessr with the Sterling boys this morning.  I think we did pretty well, except we got thrown a curveball when it gave us TWO Brazil locations in a row.  Got the first one.  Second one we misfired into Mexico.  Next time, Google.

How do we differentiate between Scandinavian countries? HOW? Denmark got our guess this time.  Thought I saw the word welcome in Deutsch on a sign, so that’s why we guessed the Danes.

Overall, I think this was a pretty successful round.  Next time I will listen to you, Ethan, and drop the pin on Jamaica.  Why not?


Everett ALC – Day 11

 a fantastic day where i woke up a little late, had my breakfast made for me, continued to wear my pajamas (the entire day) and still came out the other side feeling like a busy worker bee of the creative fantasy factory known as agile learning.
  1. If this day were a movie, what would the plot be?
  2. List five words that speak to your experience of the day.

I’m really enjoying the challenge of creating new ways to keep these posts interesting as I write them.  This one came from Tommy I think.

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Everett ALC – Day 10

I had a bit of difficulty today with working through my own daily kanban/intentions.  i’m feeling a frustrated with the snowballing nature of group members failing on group tasks/commitments/chores.  feeling humbled by the experience of visiting the tULAlip Museum.
  1. What was the best idea of the day?

  2. Top 5 things that you are appreciative of.

The best idea of the day was suggested by Sweetwater yesterday, which was to go and visit the Museum in Everett.  Actually Jeff suggested it again this morning during our intention setting and many people had said they were keen on the museum trip.  Sadly when the time came to head off, only 4 of us held to that intention.

I am so glad that we went and did that, despite having plenty of other things that we all wanted to do or get into today.  I became aware of how little I truly understood in a deep way, just by engaging with the intention to go!  This was most comically reflected in how we organized around this activity: once those of us who were going finally got into the car, none of us knew the name of the place we were going to! We quickly got clarification on this, but it was telling.

Once we got to the museum and paid for entry, we went through to the long house video introduction to the museum.  The experience was wonderful because it gave flesh and depth to the time we had spent with Sweetwater.

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Everett ALC – Day 9

Today we had an incredible lesson-talk from sweetwater on the history of colonization, which we followed with a screening of the film ‘schooling the world’.

These events alone made the day one of the best so far, but I also got a lot of other things done too.  We did a 7 minute workout together after morning intentions; made popcorn (cleaned it up too); turned my computer laptop into a physical kanban; moved all of the board games from the family room into the games room; recorded some cool stop-motion footage of Sweetwater’s class; learned the absolute basics of Minecraft with the guidance of Stephen Sterling; had Philo-spa-phy talks with Tommy; learned about Net Neutrality (i THOUGHT i knew).

To delve into all of that and hopefully more, I am writing my blog response to the following question and list.

  1. What Inspired you today?
  2. 5 things you’d like to do more of.

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Everett ALC – Day 8

It’s the end of another fruitful day at the ALCE.  Today we introduced a new idea that we are hoping will create greater value with our blogging time: targeted questions.

This came out of seeing that, despite holding a space for blogging each day, the posts that were coming out of this were lacking the depth that was so clear in our discussions and reflections.  If these are reflective blog posts, why don’t we offer greater support?

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