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Weekly Reflection 4/30/16

This has been a week of stress about writing papers and shifting from a mentality of inspiration and reading to a production and assessment mentality.  The Spring Semester is coming to a close but I feel like I'm only just getting started with my writing work.  Something that has been foremost on my mind throughout the week, and the topic of my Philosophy final paper is the relationship between 'Communication vs. Strategic Utterance'.

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Weekly Reflection 4/23/16

This week was most notable for how many things I did in service to others.  I received an email from Alex Patz about needing help unpacking/tidying up after their move and decided to help out.  It was mutually beneficial, as all true service to others is.  Then again with supporting Jack Gray's IDF project as an usher.  This is what stands out the most for me this week.

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Weekly Reflection 2/13/16


This week has been HUGE and not at all in the Bernie/Trump way.  Just been super busy with all of my extra-curricular activities, like TCPS, Logic Meet-up, Showing people ALC, Attending at Philosophy 4 Children workshop, documenting and sharing my Anthropology class audio, next stepping with the Tenants Association for my building... trying to squeeze in all my school work still and tomorrow's Valentines day! oh no!... so let's be quick...

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Swim Session 11-12-15

Got up before the crack of dawn, before my alarm. Got in the pool at 6.30. Swam 50 laps in the 50m pool. 2500m before breakfast.

  • 50 laps in groups of 10
  • 10 warm up free
  • 10 free/breast
  • 10 mixed: 3x kick/pull/free 
  • 10 free
  • 6 free warm down
  • 4 sprint

Found that my kick is getting more intelligent. Cleaner. It pushes me further. I focused on imagining I had flippers on and how this would effect the movement of my feet thru the water re drag. It’s more in the thighs than I’d previously thought.

Swim Session 11-3-15

  Being a Tuesday it was a 50m pool this morning. Woke early but snoozed and strolled in arriving at 7.15am. This only gave me 45min swim time before they reset the pool lanes.

  • 38 laps of 50m
  • 10 Free
  • 10 Stroke/Free (breast stroke)
  • 10 Split Easy/Hard Free
  • 8 Free

Was aiming for 40-50 laps, but clocks weren’t on so I had no way of objectively tracking my timing.

Swim Session 10-31-15

Swimming is the best thing ever.

Got in the pool for an hour from 1.15 till 2.20.

  • 100 laps of 25m
  • 20 free
  • 10 breast
  • 10 free easy/hard
  • 10 kick
  • 10 pull
  • 20 free
  • 10 breast
  • 10 free

Finished the final ten with sprints. Timed 18 seconds as a PB.

Took a 15minute Steam room. Ate a Fillet Mignon sandwich afterwards from Elis bread.