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This is Who I Am & What I Love

After seeing @abbyo’s great post (yes, one of many) in which she laid out all of her roles, duties, responsibilities, passions, I realized that this was something that I needed to follow up with for myself.  Despite the fact that we are growing the lexicon to reflect greater distinction between our roles, there’s only so much that a title – like Agile Learning Facilitator – can tell us about what we actually do.  I found myself in recent weeks asking myself this very question: what has becoming an ALF meant to me?

Looking back at my time and involvement thus far with the ALC project I found my old bio from before ALF Summer 2014 (the first one!) and that has made something very clear to me: I have come a long way (literally and figuratively), and I am in deep with this project/ALF/ALC/Community/Life.

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Weekly Reflection 10/30/15

This past week was a rough one, I was sick for the first half of the week from working in the bar over the weekend.  I picked up steam towards the end of the week, however, getting back on track with swimming and the dancing.  Turns out self-care is central to productivity.  Have a big deadline looming for Sunday with the TC application.
  1.  Clear/Gratitudes/Achievements
  2. Stand out moments at the ALC
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