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Weekly Reflection 1/15/16

An amazing second week at the ALC.  I was so busy with all of the amazing things happening: like Liam/Lucy/Ingmar visiting, my parents visiting, a trip to the Uncommons, working at Teachers College and early phase planning for an ALF Summer in NYC (!!!).  So busy in fact that the absence of heat/hotwater/gas in my apartment wasn't nearly as annoying as it could have been.  I've got no time for being angry!

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Weekly Reflection 12/18/15


It has been a busy second week in Australia.  I actually missed out on posting about last week (will I get back to it?) as well as being kept so busy that I've got half a dozen other posts waiting in the wings.  Things are happening on the ALC front, the visa front and just generally squeezing in time to see my friends and family.

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