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Weekly Reflection 1/30/16

An incredibly busy week, we had the Peter Gray at Spotify event, which was a huge success, I interviewed Tomis and Peter at MNN and generally achieved many firsts regarding ALC media projects, such as a Livestream.  This on top of having explored all of my TC course options and mostly having settled on the three that I will study.  Also joined the TCPS team and set up a SLACK communication team to help support that project. BUSY!  

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

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I’ve decided to set the featured images size to: 800×800.  I like the idea of having a square image.  All future Weekly reflections (including this one) will have an image of that size.  Will move that into P1 next week.  I moved the juggling forward, because it has been a great go to tool for helping me calm and focus myself.  I left the clearing of photos in P2, although I did actually achieve it, I wish I had done it on Friday (not Saturday).  The biggest change/addition was that I moved my start and end point for this cycle.  Instead of blogging with ALC NYC kids on Fridays, I will be doing this from home on Saturday.  If I am at the ALC with the kids on Fridays I will help them with theirs or write a post that speaks to a specific event of the week, not the whole cycle.


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Clearing – 

  • I need to be mindful of how many projects I am juggling and to remember to limit my WIP.
  • I feel exhausted after this weeks emotional rollercoaster
  • I saw my footage from the event and saw myself and thought… gee i’m getting fat
  • I have to build exercise back into my schedule
  • I am worried (releasing this one) about how much reading I still have to do this weekend

Gratitudes – 

  • Abby, Ryan and Tomis you guys are incredible models for how to respond to emergencies.  With huge hearts and clear heads.
  • Vince from Spotify – who made the event an even bigger success through his incredible I.T. support.  Thanks for the Livestream!
  • Tiffany from MNN – who supported me with setting up the MNN studio for the Tomis and Peter Gray interview.  I thank you for being the scaffolding I needed to make my first actual MNN shoot a success.
  • ALC NYC for purchasing the media resources needed to make the documentation and ALCtv project a reality.

Achievements – (links to other posts from this week are found herein)

  • Learned how to play Starman on guitar, started playing again!
  • Attended my first whole week of TC classes
  • Joined the TCPS project as a copy editor.
  • Set up a Slack team for TCPS, who seem to be happy with the new tool
  • Made my own ALC business cards from Tomis’ extras
  • Played Hive with Timo (and posted about it)
  • Sourced equipment to shoot the PG event
  • Made purchases for media resources required to record the PG event
  • Held Coherence for Documentation of the PG event
  • Held Coherence for setting up the Spotify space – Event Organiser!
  • established a Livestream for the event
  • shared the Livestream of event across networks, bringing the event to an extra 80+ viewers
  • Welcomed guests to the ALC, making tea and coffee for all
  • Recording the arrival of our guests
  • Recording the Change-up meeting with our guests
  • Recording a brief discussion between Tomis and all of the guests on ALCs
  • Set up the MNN tv studio for a two camera shoot of Tomis and Peter Gray
  • Ran a TV studio shoot on my own (!)
  • Had personal conversations with Peter Gray and possibility of a Melbourne trip for him

Standout moments of the Week

The obvious, which I’ve already listed here, being the Spotify event and showing the guests around the ALC plus the MNN interview.  Beyond that, the courses I’m taking are really exciting.  I’m stuck deciding between a couple that I want to do, a good problem to have.  Was spell-bound by Lambros Comitas first class, mostly because of the setting and the deep knowledge of the Professor being experienced in such a direct and personal format.

Then of course, how could I forget the daily joy of being surprised at the ALC everytime someone decides to ‘swing on by’.

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