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Weekly Reflection 2/13/16


This week has been HUGE and not at all in the Bernie/Trump way.  Just been super busy with all of my extra-curricular activities, like TCPS, Logic Meet-up, Showing people ALC, Attending at Philosophy 4 Children workshop, documenting and sharing my Anthropology class audio, next stepping with the Tenants Association for my building... trying to squeeze in all my school work still and tomorrow's Valentines day! oh no!... so let's be quick...

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7.55.31 PMProgress:

  • Mastery – clear all photos from my phone at end of week, weekly blogging on saturdays
  • P1–>P2 – juggling, featured images are standardized, moderating ALC Melbourne
  • Imp –>P1 – recording my Comitas lectures and posting them on this blog.  takes more work than it should, but this is great.


  • Imp – went to the pool once this week and now i know the ins and outs: committing to 3 times a week, for 30 minute swims (at least).
  • Imp – complete my REQUIRED readings first.  It’s Saturday and I still have plenty left to do, though i’ve read plenty of amazing extra stuff for Logic (Lepore) and Caribbean studies (Williams, Smith etc).


Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.02.37 PM

Clearings –

  • more trouble in my apartment building this week – exploding radiators!
  • there’s just not enough hours in the week!!!
  • the Uris swimming pool is kind of gross.  and weird.
  • i wish Soundcloud was free – they won’t let me have more than 1.5hrs of audio.  so i switched my method! (eat that!)
  • textbooks are waaaay too expensive! (libraries are great!)
  • I couldn’t attend my Oma’s funeral.  My older brother filled me in.  Sadly only a handful of people at the funeral, makes me feel worse.


  • the Butler library has an amazing collection of books.  i could literally get lost in there.
  • Abby and Alex I hope you had as much fun as I did on Thursday night.  Grateful for the occasion.
  • Megan Laverty for arranging the P4C workshop – it was brief but GREAT
  • Jeff Sterling for connecting me to Jack and Dakota, my new pals!
  • Jack for postponing the round table till next week (i needed the time)
  • ALC for time spent with awesome kiddos
  • Coup for existing and being a great way to intro guests to play based learning
  • library staff for their support – i don’t know whats wrong with my card either!
  • Vic for being able to navigate our super busy schedules together and keep each other from stressing out at the same time – i love you!

Achievements –

  • pushed some slack channel info to/for the 305e105 Team (building a tenants association!)
  • met up with Jack and made two new friends (+ Dakota!)
  • lots of reading (MG Smith, Eric Williams) for my Anthropology course
  • Chinese Tutoring sessions started! awesome.
  • TCPS meeting on Wednesday night – made some proposals, like (1) Next Edition Theme POLL and then (2) Next Edition THEME announcement party!
  • sorted out a system for posting audio directly into blog posts (i have to break the recordings into 19minute chunks)
  • Philosophy for Children workshop! met some amazing people there
  • brought Abby and Alex Khost into Teachers College (thru the front door!! haha)
  • met up with Emmy lou byrnes from ALC Melbourne start-up to talk possibilities re: Peter Gray in Melbourne.  Wheeler Center?
  • went to LOGIC meetup gang and ate pizza and got my head around negatives ~~~heinous!!
  • went swimming at school
  • found a skin moisturizer that actually works for me (essential oils!! thanks vic)
  • had a serious co-habiting work session with Vic to resolve house related issues

Standout moments of the week

Hanging out with @abbyo and Alex Khost at Teachers College.  I loved the conversations we were having together before the P4C workshop as much as I enjoyed the workshop itself.

Hanging out with Jack and Dakota twice in one week, but especially post-MR at the Judson church.  Loved seeing some dance stuff with those guys.

Discovering the Butler library stacks which was just incredible.  Really made me want to bring in some of the kids into that space (@failspy, @douglasawesome, @pigsfly, @thewitchqueen908 – i bet you’d all have your minds blown) who would be as awed by it as I was



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