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Weekly Reflection 2/20/16

This week I've found myself using Trello less and less as I go through my days.  This is more on account of being overburdened with activity than with not needing or wanting to.  The fact that I am posting this two days late is testament to my 'busy-ness'.  Thankfully, there was still time for a beer with Comitas.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

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  • Mastery – Juggling, blog posting with featured images.
  • P1->P2 – Recording audio during lectures for listening on walks, making ALC offerings on Sunday.
  • Imp -> P1 – Reading my required readings before secondary readings or other interests.


  • Imp – Swimming twice a week, because three times a week seems to much to move right now.
  • Imp – reviewing chinese characters by using memrise and making my own lists.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.32.46 PM


  • my cycle and my body were thrown off by staying up all night on Thursday to write my essay
  • I was too busy to do this reflection on Saturday.
  • I haven’t cleared my phone yet!
  • i am feeling like big projects are falling to the wayside – PG in Australia being the main worry
  • I need to spend more time studying at TC
  • There is just so much to read and learn that i don’t have time for anything else!
  • Having visitors while I’m trying to get myself adjusted to academic life is not helping
  • I worry that my landlord will get away with his criminal behavior because none of us has time.


  • Vic is an amazing partner, we manage things together
  • Serendipity for introducing me to Professor Comitas
  • This website as my journal
  • Chinese tutoring sessions
  • Comitas for spending extra time with me after classes


  • Figured out printing at the library
  • Fixed my library card so i can finally request items
  • Completed my first written work for TC – a philosophy essay
  • Hang out with Comitas and his friends on Friday afternoon
  • Joined the Logic meet-up group.
  • Redesigned my website – more visitor friendly
  • Went to Colloquium at TC
  • Completed my application to the Ethnographic Field Study program
  • Went to Jack Gray’s round table creative session at NYU
  • Set up Memrise and other study tools for chinese study
  • Learnt how to write Australia in Mandarin

Standout moments of the week

Definitely completing that essay was a rush.  I had that writing block -> clearing moment of relief which I achieved by perseverance.  Reread all of the associated readings just prior to writing about them.  Going to Jack Gray’s session which was far busier than I had expected.  Lots of wonderful people.  Loved the way that he ran the group activities. Gives me ideas for how I should run the monthly ALF interest nights.  Hanging out with Comitas and having a beer with him and some other students of his (Jane and Jude and ?) and discovering that he is called by his surname ‘Comitas’ by those familiar to him.

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