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Weekly Reflection 2/26/16

Spent a lot of time working on Video Editing.  Lots of time socializing with my friends.  Dinner parties.  Community.  Kids.  Reading history.  Reading Anthropology.  Reading Emile.  Churning, Turning, Deserving.  Started to record my stack of reading materials, not including the pdfs or other.  I like a nice big stack of books.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

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  • Mastery – Comitas Lectures are going up on the web! Wednesdays at ALC! Offerings on Sundays!
  • P1->P2 – Reading my required readings before secondary readings or other interests.
  • Imp -> P1 – Memrise characters studying.


  • P2 -> P1 – reading one hour each day.  Didn’t get this done.  Houseguests.
  • P2 -> P1 – i’ve been neglecting the ALC Melbourne group.  Seems like I have too many projects going.
  • Imp = Imp – Swimming didn’t happen even once this week. 🙁


Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 6.42.32 PM

Clearing –

  • houseguests are lovely but interrupt work/study patterns
  • feel like Peter Gray in Australia is not something I can help out with
  • Video Editing takes much more time than you’d think.


  • MNN for having amazing resources for me to use
  • Modesto, Ryan, Andrew, Micah, Tiffany, Jamie! Thanks for the help at MNN.
  • A week of checking in with my people, so happy!
  • Sarah, Joe! TCPS is kicking goals!
  • Any time I get to spend with @bear!


  • Attended a Conference on Experimental Philosophy (all of last Saturday) at NYU
  • Had an amazing conversation with John Fantuzzo
  • Explored Comitas’ web needs (in brief)
  • Read Book One of Emile
  • Launched the TCPS issue #3 which I copy-edited for
  • Re-acquainted myself with Video Editing
  • Made a watermark for ALCtv
  • Started ALCtv work group on ALF team
  • Checked in with Rochelle about NYC
  • Hosted Chinese guests for a week

Stand out moments of the week

Tuesday night I was able to go to the first (monthly?) ALC NYC Community games night.  There was a lot more socializing and eating than actual game playing going on and I still felt that I could have used more time to check in with all of those amazing people.  This was possible because my History class was cancelled for the day, as I said to Bear: the universe knows!

Amazing conversations with John Fantuzzo and Professor Comitas.  Fantuzzo pointed me in the direction of clarifying the argument around ‘Absolute versus Positional Value’ as it relates to Education.  On Thursday I was able to talk with Alex, another Phil Ed student, about my idea for my thesis.  Wish I had recorded the conversation because I felt like I really staked out the territory.

Video Editing was a trip down memory lane for me.  Had a great time getting stuck into that kind of work again, it’s been years.  Listening to Dr. Gray’s arguments and his research again I was kind of shocked at how exactly my interests are aligned with his own.  Will have to reach out to him about this, especially for tips about doing the research work on ALCs using ethnographic field studies.  Could lead to interesting places.



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