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Weekly Reflection 3/5/16

Had a minor freak out moment when I realized I wasn't clear on how much work I had to do for College.  Drowning in things that I want to read, not knowing where to draw the line.  Is passionate interest the best guide? How do I balance that with obligations and commitments? It's a happy place when the two are the same.
  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

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  • Introduced a labelling system to visualize what has changed week tScreen Shot 2016-03-05 at 5.14.30 PMo week
  • Mastery is now in TWO COLUMNS.  This is because some of the things in that list will change regularly as my interests and habits change.  Will I still need study habits when Summer arrives?
  • Weekly blog post about the ALC day.  A great idea.  Will help me to prepare myself in advance for that day knowing that I will also be reflecting on it.
  • Trodden path method for study methods.  I will record my actual study habits for the first few weeks, recording these on my calendar and then seek to improve on it IRL.  More reflective than habit forming initially, which I think summarizes my philosophy pretty well: avoid behaviorism, seek greater intentionality in my actions (how very Alexander method)


  • P1->P2 – Reading for one hour every morning.
  • SAME – Moderate Melbourne ALC Startup Slack channel.


  • P2 -> P1 – Required readings first.  I keep prioritizing my passion readings over primary readings.
  • Mastery -> P1 – Commenting on student blogs.
  • Imp = Imp – Swimming didn’t happen even once this week (again!) so new goal: swim once.


  • Memrise wasn’t really serving me.  Too many of the early characters were buggy on the app.
  • Schedule study blocks.  See NEW.


Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 2.10.05 PM


  • didn’t record my Trello board very well this week.  It was busier than it looks
  • I stressed the heck out after realizing I had to read 4 other books for Policy class.
  • I realized I wasn’t clear on what I needed to do assignment wise for any of my classes
  • Javair had his last day at ALC, very sad.
  • Discussions with John Fantuzzo about organizing a Meet-up group instead of posting on the forum left me feeling like I was taking on more work/responsibility for others than I wanted to.
  • Realizing that my anthropology course so far was mostly history, which i am good with, whilst the project should be ethnography based which i’ve no idea how to do. yet.
  • not enough days in the week.
  • i’ve been eating badly as a reaction to stress
  • haven’t been swimming at all
  • realized I pay $300 per class or $150 per class hour at Teachers College.  mind blown.


  • weekly check-in with the ALC community, keeps me a happy man.
  • Prof. Comitas always has an open door to discuss things
  • J. Fantuzzo for running a great course and always making time to engage with my energy
  • Chinese tutoring sessions with Evan Owen, always being flexible with times
  • Vic for reminding me when to eat (and often cooking)
  • Libraries! for the serendipitous encounters they enable (with Books!)
  • Comitas for lending me a copy of an unpublished manuscript relating to my interests!
  • Jack Gray for leading a community of amazing people around Lenapehoking related convos


  • Read Books 1 and 2 of Emile!
  • confronted my fears re: study
  • finished reading Amnesia by Peter Carey!
  • clarified the project for Anthropology
  • Led a class in Chinese Calligraphy which Ryan, Serena and Saylor attended!
  • Bought textbooks for Policy and read a quarter of Petzrela – Class Wars
  • started to develop an ALCtv plan for the ALC Network
  • Jack Gray round Table #2
  • Re-discovered Alexander Technique!
  • Cleaned the house in a Marie Condo inspired fit of organizing/cleaning

Stand Out Moments of the Week

When I got deep into the cleaning of the house and removed many of the things that I am holding onto that I do not need.  Marie Condo was staring out at me on a recommendations shelf at the Library at TC and after realizing that it could be an easy flip through read, I grabbed it, knowing that this was a serendipitous encounter even before it worked its magic.  Holding the book that first time, I knew it was powerful enough, as a moment, for me to borrow the book.  Putting it back eliciting a body rejection, so I borrowed it.

After clearing out cupboards and shelves that were at eye level for me (a bit above that for Vic) I decided that actually this is where I should put some things which inspire me, not just things I want out of sight.  Since then I’ve had many lovely happy moments when I’ve slid open the door to grab some clothes and encountered my little shrine to happy things.  It’s only very very basic right now, but this thought was itself inspired by Dakota’s work at the round table where he invited people into his (family) arts practice of shrine building.

Watching Javair receive endless rounds of hugs from the other ALC kids on his last day after an incredible last candle ceremony.  I know that his presence has changed all of us for the better and I look forward to playing with the future Javair when we meet again.

Then of course, I can not forget that I helped give to Chinese names to: @serenagermany,@agilesaylor and of course @ryanshollenberger

Here’s the rest of the week in pictures…

My Pseudo-Shrine above my clothes

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