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Weekly Reflection 3/19/16

A busy week that was supposed to be a catch up week - Spring Break.  What Break? Had a lovely chat with my Dad, finished reading a bunch of texts for Anthropology study, Travelled to Toronto and was SUPER BUSY.

This week I wasn’t able to make a proper reflection on my week, because I was far too busy.  Therefore I’ve decided to postpone my PMB update.  I am writing this mid-week the following week, though am setting the publication date to the planned time.

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Stand-out moments of the week:

  • Finishing Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams
  • Getting to the Bus stop at the very last second and then seeing two people arrive 3 minutes later not being allowed on the bus.  (This was a huge gratitude to the universe, i understand, thank you)
  • Hanging out with the other students on the Bus (playing cards!)
  • PES – Philosophy of Education Society Conference 2016 – TORONTO
    • Educating Capitalists – asking poor questions of Deron Boyles, then talking to him afterwards
    • CAPES – hearing about the end of the Californian group, appreciating that even good things end.
    • Wittgenstein panel – The questions asked of the author were harsh, Will filled me in on what was really going on.
    • Realizing that this was the only time I did not record the questions being asked and then reflecting on this as a lesson of failure of my ethnographic practice
    • Witnessing Will in all of his animated passion talking about Plato, Cicero et al.  Inspiring my deeper/further interest in scholarly work.
    • TC Breakfast – making lots of new friends.  Matt especially (as at other times too, you rock Matt!)
    • Singing old time classics with Megan Laverty sitting beside me in the Presidential Suite
    • Megan Laverty giving me a wink when I came in late to her session the next morning, but JUST in time for the start of the actual papers.

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