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Culture and Society in the Caribbean: Week 8

My note taking style has developed.  Now I am taking notes during the lecture for use when listening to the audio tapes.  It can help me edit the sections, label them and as a listener watch out for certain topics.  I hope the reader/listener appreciates this adaptation.  Further, I’ve isolated a section ‘below the line’ on each page where I write my own thoughts as they are developing in response to the lecture.  These are for my future use in essays or developing the ideas further.

Note: had trouble with the audio this week.  It will appear below this space once I have finished editing it.




“You don’t have to accept the Plural Society, this is a position, every academic in those days is and are antagonistic to the idea…”

My Notes:

  1. PAGE ONE (Below the Line)
    • Study/write on Haiti? –> can’t understand end of slavery w/o the context of Haiti
    • Jamaica –> Maroons in Haitian context? also political argument of James C. Scott
    • Failure of Federation – Required Integration? What can the history of US School Integration tell us of that political difficulty?
  2. PAGE TWO (Below the Line)
    • Future of Whiteness in Car. context? Informs the future?
    • Franz Boas – use his args for dismissing racial differences.
    • The Pluralist Society under attack – refer to current affairs (ISIS/Brussels) –> arg against color-blindness and contemp. protests BLM
    • Q: How is treating the history (failures) of integration in school’s in U.S. a reversal of the args/tide of car<–>usa GIVEN –> this is still about the goal of the pluralist society?
  3. PAGE THREE (Below the line)
    • Clementine Cooperates – shows the deep intell. of those being studied
      1. contemp. sources on Poor and Poor decisions being intelligent? [Why I make Terrible Decisions]
      2. much like the ‘wooden’ rep. of slaves belies their intelligence
    • Capitalism and Slavery (Williams) on the legacy of antiquated systems.  Even when Slavery was a model to throw out, Slave owners had deep roots and control of politics in the U.K. (The lesson has obvious implications for the climate change activist movement).


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