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Weekly Reflection 4/9/16

It's been an intense week of reading and thinking academically.  I'm in full swing, making connections between all of my studies and bringing them to bear on my reading of the Chris Emdin book #ForWhiteFolks.  I met up with Christian Thompson, went to a couple of academic events at TC and NYU, read two whole books.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week
  4. Dictation of Thoughts

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  • Meditate for 10 mins a day – I really enjoyed doing this for a couple days.  It changed my experience of those days.  Can I do it everyday?
  • Swim Once a Week – I swam at Ashpalt Green a couple weeks back and realized that I was holding back with going to TC to swim because the environment was less familiar.  I also needed flip-flops, which I bought this week.
  • Post VoiceMemos to Weekly Reflections – that itself was the only thing on this weeks Memo.  So we will see how this goes.  It’s below!


  • Mastery – Rules Labelling system
  • Mastery – Rules the Habits/Rules labelling of Mastery.
  • Mastery – Habits reading for an hour in the morning before Social Media
  • Imp -> P1 VoiceMemos for recording my own thoughts
  • Imp -> P1 Write on a daily basis, to avoid marathon writing sessions (reduced from an hour)


  • No progress = Weekly blog post about the ALC day. I didn’t go to the ALC this week.
  • No progress = Chinese character practice for 10 minutes each day
  • No progress = Exercise for 15 minutes (each day)
  • No progress = Read required texts first. This hasn’t moved for some time.  Maybe its an awareness.


  • When to restart Chinese study.  Actually that’s a perennial question – though meeting again on Thursdays at 1pm with Evan.


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  • Last week I didn’t get the Laundry done till this Monday!
  • So much happened that slipped through the cracks
  • Falling behind with Blog posting
  • I did not finish writing anything yet for History subject
  • I’m not able to attend ALF weekend co-working sessions because I’m super busy with TC work
  • TCPS is only going to be 4 pages this edition


  • Recognition from Sarah/Joe – I’m going to be a signatory/editor for next semester for TCPS
  • Everyone who is helping me clarify my arguments for this History essay
  • Old friends who help you remember your history! Christian Thompson, you’re a babe!
  • Cutman for the sweet hairdo.  Passing my number to ladies at the salon, not so much 😉
  • Art for communicating with me re: Constance Hall and ADHD post
  • Swimming makes me happy
  • JUSTIN! thank you so much for helping me get a copy of the readings, haha.
  • Ansley Erickson for steering me onto an amazing path.
  • The same person for selling me their copy of For White Folks


  • Read all of Crystal Sanders’ book in a night
  • Read through For White Folks in a couple of days
  • Hung out with Christian Thompson on Friday night! So much fun!
  • Attended two conferences – Academic Festival and Symposium at NYU – CLACS
  • When Abby met Jaz

Moments of the Week

Definitely hanging out with Christian was a highlight.  It’s still pretty fresh too.  There was a whole lot of nostalgia and catching up but the best part was how strongly we seemed to connect as who we are today.  I’m really proud of the path he’s taken and it’s really inspiring hearing some of the stories he shared.

The defining experience of this week though has to be Christopher Emdin.  I heard him talk on Saturday at the Academic Festival and was just amazed at his whole presentation.  I loved what I was hearing.  I tried to contact him during the week to get printable versions of the flows that his high school students had delivered at his talk, but never heard back.  I ran into him in the lift and mentioned that I couldn’t get a copy of his book on the day.  I gave his work considerable thought and then, somehow, I had a brain-wave after reading a book about the Freedom Schools in Mississippi that I should use Emdin’s book as the lede for my Ed Policy-history Op-Ed.

I originally was thinking that it was primarily a hook into my argument which is that we should be seriously considering community hiring practices as a policy that would not only improve the schools but also provide opportunities to the communities those schools are placed in.  Emdin is arguing to change the pedagogical methods of the White teachers coming into the ‘Hood thru teacher training programs like TFA but I wanted to argue that we should hire locals and put them through the TFA programs.  By showing the value placed on locals’ skills Ed Policy can also be a way to raise all boats in that community.  What’s the point of succeeding academically within a struggling school if you can’t even see exemplars of people making it good within your community?

Then after Ansley Erickson sold me her copy of the book, I discovered a key definition of terms (neo-indigeniety) that Christopher Emdin uses through the book which deeply troubled me.  This was great news because it brought my passions to bear on this project.  I wrote emails to lecturers, had in depth conversations with friends etc all on this topic.  I realized that I might have a significant point to develop and so it’s taken up all of my energy in the past few days.  It’s very exciting.

The record will show how it comes out, but I’m writing a draft Op-Ed due Sunday night.  I intend to also edit that for publication in TCPS.  Somehow I have to make the article relevant to the Theme ‘Transitions’.

Dictation of Thoughts – Week 14

Current reading lists…

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