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Weekly Reflection 4/16/16

This was a big week for me.  Turned 34.  Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 34? Turns out: Yes.  Best B'day ever.  Breakfast Rave with the ALC community, then ALC day with a guest, then Philosophy of Education class with J. Fantuzzo.  Computer is getting less and less happy with me.  Wrote the Op-Ed and saw to it that the layout got done.  Busy busy busy.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week

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  • P2->Mastery Read required readings first.  Though not always, this is a good rule.
  • P1->P2 Voice Memos are a good way to track my thinking on projects
  • P1->P2 Set a half hour aside EACH DAY for writing of some kind.


  • P2<-P1 Weekly blog post about the ALC day
  • Lots of small habit tasks have not been taken up.  I just seem to fill my days too quickly.


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  • So busy I sometimes forget I’m supposed to also be planning a wedding
  • wish Christian Thompson was staying in NYC – miss old friends!
  • having to cancel my chinese lesson again
  • too much to be grateful for


  • Everyone who came to my birthday B.Rave and danced! @drew, @abbyo etc
  • Showing new people the magical community I’m a part of
  • amazing teachers at TC who celebrated my birthday with me
  • Universe for reconnecting me with Christian Thompson! love ya babes
  • All the supportive feedback I received from Ansley Erickson and class on my Op-Ed
  • TCPS editors for amazing feedback on my first submission to the paper
  • Justin Samuels for switching his vote to Bernie! and making campaign contributions!!
  • Dr. Emdin’s TA – Ian for giving me plenty of time and positive vibes about an Op-Ed


  • Finished reading For White Folks…!
  • Organized a Breakfast Rave at ALC!
  • Turned 34!
  • Wrote an Op-Ed, took it through drafts and then submitted it to TCPS!
  • Lay-out of the TCPS with Dave!
  • Showed Ellen the ALC community!
  • Attended Amazing Chris Higgins Colloquium!
  • Read lots of stuff!
  • Interviewed Martha for my Anthropology assignment!

Stand Out Moments Of The Week


Current Readings…

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