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Weekly Reflection 4/23/16

This week was most notable for how many things I did in service to others.  I received an email from Alex Patz about needing help unpacking/tidying up after their move and decided to help out.  It was mutually beneficial, as all true service to others is.  Then again with supporting Jack Gray's IDF project as an usher.  This is what stands out the most for me this week.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week
  4. Dictation of Thoughts

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  • Record my Dictation of Thoughts while walking around the block on weeknights.  Clear my head.  Also able to add to this whenever I feel like, but a routine will help too.


  • P2 -> Mastery Voice Memos are a good way to track my thinking on projects
  • P1 -> P2 – post dictation of thoughts to weekly reflection (listen below)
  • Imp -> P1 – Swim once a week.  I swam twice this week. Putting less pressure on it.


  • P1 – SAME – Weekly blog post about the ALC day
  • P1 – SAME – Set a half hour aside EACH DAY for writing of some kind.


Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.18.07 AM


  • Bernie Sanders was screwed over in NYC.
  • I ate a whole pint of ice cream in frustration on Tuesday night.
  • I felt like an emotional wreck on Wednesday
  • Justin didn’t know how to handle an emotional Abe
  • Still have lots of assignments to do
  • Keep procrastinating by accepting other jobs and interests
  • Feeling silly for feeling left out of the reception of the IDF
  • Skipped Logic club
  • Dropped the chinese study 🙁


  • Jack Gray for keeping me involved, being an usher was truly my pleasure.
  • Serendipitous encounters seem to abound whenever I walk away from one situation with love and open myself for another
  • Comitas for his guidance and suggestions re: selected readings this semester
  • Alex Patz for the joy of conversations and the work!
  • Mark for the glorious Lei that he made


  • Sang: “Dr John Fantuzzo” to John in return for the happy birthday sing along
  • Attended the Indigenous Dance Forum, support work as an Usher
  • Made a new friend: Kemuel at BSN conference
  • Did lots of physical work, helping out the Patz family
  • Discovered Maxine Greene for myself! Dialectic of Freedom is incredible
  • TC Philosophy club reading circle with John, Sara
  • Went swimming – TWICE!! this week.  I feel great.
  • rebuilt ikea furniture
  • Bought myself some Columbia SWAG
  • Did the TCPS layout last Saturday!! Looks great!

Stand Out Moments of the Week

That was a pretty awesome moment.  The whole show was pretty awesome.

Dictation of Thoughts…

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