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Weekly Reflection 4/30/16

This has been a week of stress about writing papers and shifting from a mentality of inspiration and reading to a production and assessment mentality.  The Spring Semester is coming to a close but I feel like I'm only just getting started with my writing work.  Something that has been foremost on my mind throughout the week, and the topic of my Philosophy final paper is the relationship between 'Communication vs. Strategic Utterance'.

Started the conversation and thinking about the possibility of more in depth study, perhaps shifting to a Doctoral track in the years ahead.  This thinking put additional pressure and perspective on the work that I have yet to submit for this semester.  It was a high pressure week in that sense, even though the deadlines I have to meet are in the coming two weeks.

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week
  4. Dictation of Thoughts

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  • Set 1000 words writing piece goal per week. –  Develop my writing like my swimming practice: writing practice improves over time and experience.  This came about while swimming and realising how much better my stroke had become for Breast Stroke when I decided to only do that stroke for a majority of my swim time.


  • P2 -> Mastery post dictation of thoughts to weekly reflection (listen below)
  • P1 -> P2 – Swim once a week.  I swam twice this week (again). Broke my pool records for laps too.
  • Imp -> P1 – Night walk to record my Dictation of Thoughts.


  • Moved Habits (Chinese Study, Meditate, Exercise) into Awareness
  • Busy with papers and research, not spending time at the ALC this week (or next) till they are done.
  • Setting time aside for writing.  I noticed that I do a lot of great writing-thinking when I am communicating via emails.  When I first wrote ‘does email count?’ it was a joke.  Now I’m not so sure.  Creating a writing goal each week, that I hope to refine in terms of what/where to publish etc, should move this some more.


Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 1.25.06 PM


  • I’m in pain! My back is so sore! why?
  • Setting new deadlines and relieving that pressure on the writing has not helped it get done.
  • so much to read this summer
  • fears about communication vs. strategic utterances in my own life
  • energy fatigue in my classes, am i drinking too much coffee?
  • learning about the game of Academia is not helping me finish my essays, its raising the stakes
  • need to develop an academic writing practice, to get better at this work, for next semester
  • re-reading articles because I didn’t do the writing when it was fresh and timely.
  • TCPS silliness with regards to the layout of the centerfold articles
  • sometimes doctoral students just can’t be bothered talking at the lower level of Masters students


  • Sarah, Joe for tidying up and finishing up the TCPS process
  • Chris Emdin for the recognition and the hug when I gave him a copy of TCPS
  • Swimming helps me feel more at home in my body and more alive
  • Megan Laverty for the advisement advice on Monday, I feel like a part of a community
  • John Fantuzzo for having an open (and closed) door to discuss things in depth
  • Josh Weiner for the juggling tips


  • Philosophy end of term spring party
  • TCPS party
  • TCPS published!
  • Clarified/Extended my deadlines for work
  • Finished all my readings early
  • Got all of my assignments started and relatively clear

Stand Out Moments of the Week

Josh Weiner demo-ing his juggling skills at the TCPS end of year party.


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