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Weekly Reflection 5/7/16

This week has been all about the writing.  After getting over the hurdle of my first History paper, and treading water by preparing myself just enough for my classes (readings...).  I was so stressed out last week about the pending deadlines that I seem to have psycho-somatically hurt my back.  I'm sleeping on the floor to fix/straighten my back.  Long hours hunched over my tiny laptop have done their damage.  Rediscovered my love for writing once I could focus on writing the Philosophy assignment.  Now I'm worried that I'm writing two papers, not one (it's currently 1000 words over the limit).

  1. PMB update
  2. Clearing/Gratitude/Achievements
  3. Stand out moments of the week
  4. Dictation of Thoughts

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 6.18.35 PM


  • Imp – P1 Set 1000 words writing piece goal per week.  Easily surpassed this requirement this week.
  • P1 –> P2 Night walk to record my Dictation of Thoughts.  This has been a good way to clarify what I’m writing.  It’s ‘editing brain’ when I listen back to it.
  • P2 -> Mastery Set aside time to do writing.  Not a problem at all this week.  It’s become a huge priority.  Let’s see if I can maintain it in the weeks after deadlines pass.

Problems – (Same problems as last week).


Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 6.33.47 PM


  • My back is really in pain! Since Swimming last Friday
  • I’ve taken to sleeping on the floor and lying on the floor to relieve my shoulders
  • My philosophy paper is 1500 words over the limit
  • I think I am writing two papers worth of arguments in one but clarifying and separating them is difficult


  • so glad for academia.edu, which allows me to check what other academics are working on
  • Erickson, Comitas, Fantuzzo for being fantastic teachers and supportive
  • Laverty for the nostalgic remembrances we share about Melbourne via email
  • Paul Kelly revival in my headphones
  • Vic for the constant shoulder massages and thinking about dinner plans
  • Erickson for responding to my first paper in time for me to think through my other submissions
  • Green tea – which is much better for anxious sipping at 2am.  It calms and focuses me.
  • Coffee for kick-starting my brain each day.
  • Tanchuk for the Logic club meet-up which is starting to make more sense to me.


  • Submitted my first history paper in about a decade (!) and got positive feedback
  • Met Drew Coles at the Student Senate and Student Orgs dinner, proposed TCPS future
  • Connected with the Future China Institute students
  • Went to the Rai Gaita talk at New School
  • Wrote plenty for myself to edit through for my Philosophy paper
  • made a new friend – Margaret Ferrec, the photographer at Gaita talk

Stand out moments of the week


Dictation of Thoughts

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