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White Folks’ Burden?

This Op-Ed, which will be printed in TCPublicSpace’s April edition, started out as an assignment for my U.S. Education Policy in the Historical Context class with Ansley Erickson.  However, it is less history assignment than critical book review, as it is primarily a response to Christopher Emdin’s incredible book: “For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood…”.  My hope is that by writing this piece a conversation might develop around the broader issues that I start to touch upon.  Overall, the timing for this writing could not have been better and I must give credit to the serendipity that made the connections possible.

The first draft made no mention on my part of Freire.  Then re-reading Pedagogy of the Oppressed for another class brought out that crucial argument which allowed me to side step a less clear issue that I wanted to touch on regarding the term ‘neo-indigenous’ but speaking from my White Australian perspective.  That is for another article, perhaps.

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Raising a Glass of Rousseau: On Educating the Diligent Reader

This essay was written on the classic text by Jean Jacques Rousseau – “Emile or On Education”. This seems to be the origin of a lot of the arguments for self-directed learning and also the source of their confusion. Rousseau posits a concept called well regulated freedom, which is actually a highly controlled kind of freedom.  He makes references to the difficulty of the distinction when he refers to a confusion between ‘license and liberty’ (p.80).  In believe that in his view, liberty will lead to happy children, whereas license will lead to spoiling.

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Under the Grip of A Calliclean Education

This essay is concerned with two texts by Plato: Gorgias and The Apology.  It was written as my first paper for the Philosophy and Education class with John Fantuzzo.  Through some strange coincidence or seredipity, I chose to put the wrestling image with the text, which also shaped the title.  Later I discovered that Fantuzzo was a former wrestler himself.  He appreciated the analogy and allusions. Read more